Corporate Digital Solutions
For Your Organisation

What challenge is your Organisation facing?

Does your online image not accurately reflect your brand? 

Or does your brand not really exist in the online forum at all? 

Are you wasting digital marketing dollars with campaigns that don’t resonate with your customers? 

Or do you actually not know where your customers live online? 

Perhaps you need more of your workforce to be up to speed with the fast developing online world?

Katie Turner Media specialises in making sure the message of your Organisation offline is being received, loud and clear, by the right people, online. And it will teach your workforce to do exactly that.

No matter what the industry, size of the organisation or ‘online problem’ you are looking to resolve, KTM will tailor a strategy workshop, or series of workshops, to fit exactly the needs of your organisation and employees.

Through engaging strategy sessions with a presenter who understands both the corporate world and the online space, KTM will show your team how to build your brand online and improve customer confidence in your products and services, across the platforms that your customer base purchases from. 

The information and skills included in these strategy sessions can be applied to every future move by the business, from scaling the organisation, to introducing new products and services. 

Get in contact today and KTM can show you how to launch, grow, or pivot your brand confidently online with your own bespoke Digital Transformation Solution. 

It’s time to own that space.


Giving clarity or a new perspective to the Corporate Leader and their team is just the beginning.


A Business Coach can be with your Organisation for the longterm, as it grows and changes, faces challenges and wins. The important thing is finding the level and structure of ongoing support that best suits you and your Organisation. 


KTM will design a bespoke ongoing business support package for you, your team or Company combining, email support, scheduled calls or zoom sessions and follow up workshops.


If you need a digital solution to take your team or Organisation to the next level, it’s time to book your Business Coach Katie Turner!