Dynamic Business Strategy Session For Your Small Business

Too many business owners get lost in a glossy 50 page Business Plan that is as pricey as it is long.


Once they navigate the plethora of information some desk dwelling business guru has put together, they find they have neither the budget for, nor a real understanding of the proposed actions. Giving it their best shot they get ripped off trying to source professional services to represent their brand in the online space. What a way to kill a business buzz and dampen the dream of being your own boss. 

Katie’s Dynamic Business Strategy Session will not leave a bad taste in your mouth or burn a hole in your pocket. This power hour gives you a concrete plan and a short cut to what you need, saving you time and money – that’s the Katie Guarantee.

Katie is different from any other Business coach you have met – or heard about. Not only has Katie packed several lifetimes of real business experience into a couple of decades. She has stood where you are standing now, climbed the mountain, fallen down, surmounted obstacles, been hit by a storm or two and reached the peak. She is offering to pass on the lessons learned and connections made.

During a one hour zoom session Katie will work with you on these key aspects of business success.


• Define your core product or service offering

• Understand the psychoanalytics of your target audience

• Pinpoint exactly how your product or service impacts your customers

• Determine where those customers live online and how to reach them

• Analyse prices, costs and that all important break even point


KTM Tool Kit & Business Concierge Service


After your power hour Katie will prepare and send you your individualised resources.


KTM Tool Kit:

• A copy of the recording of your DBSS so you can refer back to it for info or inspo

• A copy of your concise, easy to use DBSS plan to put into action

• A summary of the services needed to ensure your business thrives in the online space


Business Concierge Service:

• Referrals to trusted, innovative online services providers, such as web designers, video and podcasting editing and production, social media gurus and SEO specialists




Giving clarity to the start up, or a new perspective to the more seasoned business owner is just the beginning.


A Business Coach can be with you for the life of your business, as it grows and changes and you face challenges and celebrate wins. The important thing is finding the level and structure of ongoing support that best suits you. KTM offers three different packages for ongoing business support.


Business Email Support- for those who need or want regular check ins to stay on track.


Keep Me Accountable- for those that feel they would benefit from a 30 min call once a month as well as email support.


Business Health Check- the perfect mini power session for when something significant is happening in your business, such a new product launch or complete pricing review.



If you need a jump start or are ready to jump to the next level, it’s time to meet your Business Coach Katie Turner!